Who Am I?

Who Am I? The great existential question. “Cogito ergo sum”, as said by Descartes. I am a Freelance Writer – lapsed and then picking it up again. I have a University degree, a certificate in Technical Communications and a certificate in Big Data Analytics. I have experience in Technical Writing and have done some on-line education on Copywriting. I am continued learner. Soon I will be advancing my education in Big Data and will be embarking on Web Analytics, starting with a course on SEO. I am thinking about gaining more insights on Cyber Security, too.

I was playing with Wolfram/Alpha and Google trends and came up with some goofy data on Donna Palmer. Donna Palmer may have been a little harder to find in the 1600s, but today, you can’t swing a cat without hitting a Donna Palmer, can’t swing a gnat without hitting a Palmer. Palmer is a very common name. My Mom, not a Palmer, was born and raised in Canada. She was born in Northern Saskatchewan, raised in Regina Saskatchewan and settled in Windsor, Ontario for the rest of her life (R.I.P. Norma). I rarely ever encountered a Palmer in Windsor, or anywhere in Canada, for that matter. Turns out there was a reason for that, but I will state that later. My father, on the other hand, Morris D. Palmer, was either born somewhere in Essex County, Ontario, Canada or in Detroit Michigan. I am confused. I am half Canadian, half American. I have traced my genealogy way back and found many interesting things.

Viewing some interesting facts about the name Donna Palmer on Wolfram/Alpha, I came up with some interesting data about Donna Palmer.

Looking at these graphics, most Donnas were born in the 60s.

Google Trends has its data on Donna Palmer:



Interest over time


I am not sure what I can take away from an Interest of time graphic but there it is.

I noticed that Dr. Walter Palmer, DDS appears on this info-graphic. I don’t like him. I’m not lion. Get it?

There are many of us, but there is only one me! Here I am…


If I were to create an on-line dating profile, it would look something like this:

SWF whose age is none of your business. I love camping, long walks by the waterfront, and animals. I don’t shy away from snakes and rodents unless they’re venomous. I have an agreement with our household spiders. Keep yourselves on the ceiling or out of sight. Once you breach the house rules, you will meet the bottom of my shoe. Centipedes will meet the bottom of my shoe on sight. No exceptions! Uber Buffy fan that has never attended a Comicon, but has paid ample tribute as a Vampire Slayer for Hallowe’en. A huge fan of vintage horror flix, suspense, and mystery. I enjoy cooking when I darn well feel like it and have waaaay too many recipes pinned on my Pinterest account. Enjoy DIY projects but can’t pinpoint any one fave. Have one kid and a few fur-kids. I have recently developed an interest in genealogy.

I am a little awkward. I am friendly, but I am not very good at that water cooler talk. I can’t speak to Survivor or Dancing with the Stars (or whatever the trend is right now). My tastes are not mainstream. I can say that about many things. Music? I hate pop music. I have no idea who half these people are. For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out why Star Trek’s Cardassians were making a comeback. I love to read, but since becoming a mom, I haven’t had the time to do it. I used to love reading Stephen King and Dean Koontz but grew out of that. Now I prefer a good supernatural type novel. I read a lot of non-fiction too, but not because I want to. Currently, I am reading a lot of Big Data and predictive analyst oriented books.

But, I am not single and I am not creating an on-line dating profile.

I love Alfred Hitchcock movies and a heavy pull toward cheese type movies and shows which include teenage flix like Riverdale featuring Betty and Veronica. I like a lot of Canadian shows too, like LetterKenny (but the appeal for Trailer Park Boys is long lost).The Mortal Instruments was a series I read. It is a Netflix series and it was filmed in Canada, but the setting is in New York. A friend of mine worked on the set and when he told me he was working on that set, I was excited and viewed it on TV as soon as I could. I liked Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie and I get a lot of sideway glances when I admit to that. I love Kevin Smith, Shrek, and the Coen brothers, but I get easily bored of over-done and formulaic plots.

I have always been curious about my ancestors and I seem to have become the designated kin-keeper of our family. I fell naturally onto that, there were no declarations. My mother was never a good source of information. She had a terrible memory and I think back in those days when families were geographically distant, the closeness was distant too. My mom was not a keep in touch kind of person either. Today, the internet has brought families so much more informed and being that I am the only computer literate member of my Canadian family, I am the one that keeps in touch. I have two families, really. I am the youngest of my generation, on both sides. My Dad had a family from one of his previous marriages, and my mom had a family from her previous marriage. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister from my Dad’s. All three are American, as was my Dad. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother from my Mother’s. We are Canadian. All living in Southern Ontario.

My Dad was rarely a part of my life. He died when I was 22 so any possible relationship with him, died when he did. I took the tiny amount of money that was left to us and visited his children a couple times, but it wasn’t really until Facebook that I really got to know them a little more. I got to ask them, and some cousins, a little more about the Palmer side of the family. Through this, I gained an interest in genealogy. I learned some not-so-surprising insights into my family history and a really, really surprising one. It was a very positive experience and one I hope to push further on.



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