Arvo, Fine Coffee Purveyor

So, I have lived in the St. Lawrence Market area for over 20 years. It’s been a great area to live in. The Distillery District wasn’t around when I first moved here. It was a derelict old Gooderham and Worts site. I used to take out of town guests there for after dinner walks. Suck in some of the old histories of the area. I used to run through the area with my dog Raoul when it seemed to be abandoned. It was my quiet time. A time, I felt, I had the city to myself. Just me and my dog.

I started noticing some activity. More security guards. Hmm…



Arvo (courtesy of


Now it’s a prime location in the city. Condos and Shops. Beyond that, a new development, the Canary District. So much has changed. Even my seemingly hidden area, my little city within the city, is changing.

I have spent so much time roaming through the Distillery. Poking through shops, eating some food, window shopping, meeting friends for coffee. The visits are fewer and fewer. The novelty wearing off. Today I ventured over to meet a friend for coffee. It is our in between mark. He lives a little north of The Distillery, I live a little west of there. We meet for coffee at Balzac’s. Today we met somewhere else, Arvos.

Arvo. Fine Coffee Purveyor.

Located at 17 Gristmill Lane.

I am so used to going deeper into the Distillery, I walked past it. Cute little place. Small. Limited seating. Today, no coffee, but fancier stuff. I have to admit, I haven’t ventured into the coffee culture beyond an old fashioned cup of coffee. I had my first latte. Impressive design foamed onto the top. Altogether, it was a $4.20 beverage. Not well versed in the going rate of lattes, so I am not sure if this was of good value or not. It tasted yummy. We drank our beverages outside in the sun. I didn’t stick around long enough to absorb any of the decor or to grasp at anything else they had to offer. I did notice another entrance deep from within. I assume internal access from within the building. Perhaps a little condominium access which saves the condo dwellers the chill of the outdoors in the winter.